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Time to TRY our Tryathlon!

We all need a little bit of motivation to work on that ‘beach body’ for the Summer – well we’re holding the perfect reason for you to get in shape, and help get our mall in shape too for the right reasons…

A defibrillator can be totally invaluable if someone suffers heart failure on the mall; and the more we have around the city of Leeds the better. We’ve decided to have one installed in the shopping centre, and asking people to help us raise the funds to do so – and whatever we raise on the Tryathlon, we will DOUBLE it so we end up with a nice amount to donate to the British Heart Foundation too as they deserve every penny we can raise for them.

We’ve timed it for Bank Holiday Monday at the end of August (29th) so that it makes it easy for people to attend… and to get their friends to come along for moral support too!

So all that’s needed is for you to sign up and get fundraising – oh, and possibly get fit if you’re not already in tryathlon condition… but it’s not about the time, it’s about raising money for cause – the mall is open till 10pm at night, so if it takes 12 hours so be it… We will still be here to support you!

Good luck and get signing up by sending your details to for a sign-up pack.Tryathlon

The Core Shopping Centre
The Headrow, Leeds,
West Yorkshire LS1 6JE